Independence Day Blog Tour ◊ Ft. Emmie & Diamond

Hey AG Bloggers! Mary, Diamond, and I are hosting an Independence Day blog tour! More details are in the post, but you could definitely do an Independence day themed AG photoshoot for it! 🙂

𝕄𝕚𝕕𝕕𝕝𝕖 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕪


As Independence Day slowly creeps upon us, the anticipation builds, until we (metaphorically) pop like a firecracker.

I love America, but I love my state as well. We’re popular for spicy foods, the untamed marsh, LSU Football, (GEAUX TIGERS), magnolia trees, pelicans, Alligators, benguets, Mardi Gras, Jambalaya, Crawfish, our crazy accents, jazz music, the weird way things are spelled, and so much more. (Now I’m hungry)

Which leads me to wonder,what do you like about your state?

I had the idea to do an Independence Day Blog Tour to celebrate our amazing country. Don’t get me wrong, I love other countries too! I’d love to live in Australia or Italy or an African country someday! But, I just thought that since most of the bloggers in our community are from the US, it would just be a US thing.

So I emailed Emmie and Diamond to see if they…

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Up a Creek ~ A Photo Shoot

Up a Creek

2020-04-12 05-23-09 - 0046

Hi there! Heather, here and today I have a photo shoot for you all.

2020-04-12 05-26-32 - 0051

June, my sister, and I are both quiet quite normally, and we both like our space, so neither of us really mind all this quarantine stuff. It just gives me more time to work on my writing.

2020-04-12 05-32-02 - 0062

However some of my friends are really struggling with all of this. They hate not being able to hang out with others. I wanted to find a way to help them feel a little better.

2020-04-12 05-28-13 - 0057

So, for the past few weeks, every other day, I’ve made up a package and written a short letter.

2020-04-12 05-32-15 - 0063

Then I take all of it over and leave it on their porch.

2020-04-12 05-32-51 - 0067

It’s great for everyone, because it makes me get out and get some fresh air, and hopefully it brightens someone else’s day too.

2020-04-12 05-33-39 - 0074

I want my friends to know that I’m still thinking of them, even in scary times.

2020-04-12 05-39-36 - 0109

And I wanted to remind you all that there’s someone else think of you too.

2020-04-12 05-36-23 - 0092

Even in times like this, God hasn’t surrendered His sovereignty, and he never will. He’s still very much in control.

2020-04-12 05-34-04 - 0076

If we’re trusting Him to take care of us, we don’t have to be afraid.

2020-04-12 05-43-14 - 0140

This is what gives Believers light in dark times.

2020-04-12 05-41-11 - 0123

And with a kind, comforting word, or with a selfless act, we can share this light with the rest of the world.

2020-04-12 05-42-43 - 0136

So when ever you have a chance, make sure to share some light with those around you. ❤

How are you dealing with quarantine? 

~ Heather & Megan ❤

P.S. I entered one of these pictures in AGNDM, and I got an honorable mention! Check it out: Here! and make sure to wish the other contestants luck! 🙂


So, I’m not sure if anyone still reads this blog but for any of you who do, I’m hoping to post on here… more than once a year. XD Anyways, Molly and Carrie have an announcement, so I’ll turn it over to them. 🙂
Hey guys! So as you may know, my sister Carrie and I are going to be costarring in a upcoming series.


We need all of you to leave some questions in the comments, for a Q&A with the cast.
As a refresher the cast is me, Molly, Carrie, Claire, Heather, Charlie, and Afton.
And, if you leave ten or more questions, you will get a bonus entry to a surprise we hope will launch as soon as the series is over!
So, don’t forget to leave your questions down below!
And thanks for reading!
~ Molly & Carrie
Um, and Megan 😉

Virtual Christmas Card Swap?

Hello AGBC followers! I have a fun little announcement for you all today. First, I have to announce that I’m doing 25 Days of Christmas on my blog Build a Bears Furever! Don’t forget to check that out!

Anyway, yesterday’s post was a Virtual Christmas Card Swap! I figured I could share an AG Christmas Card with you guys!

If you don’t feel like checking out my blog, you can still enter this swap! Here are the rules:

  • Make a Christmas Card that you feel represents your blog
  • Either post it, and link back here, or send it to me at worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com
  • If you do post it, include the tag Virtual Christmas Card Swap

I’ll post any cards on my other post, just fyi.

Whelp, that’s all I have for you guys today! I hope you decide to enter!

Doll Play Ideas

Hey AG lovers! Since Camp Happy Heart is all wrapped up, I have a little bit more time to post over here. I think I’ll maybe post, every couple months? I know that doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but I want to be sure that all of the members get a chance to post. Anyway, you probably don’t want to hear a ton about that, so let’s get into today’s post!

Today, I have compiled a list of fun doll play ideas. If you’re bored with your dolls, pick an idea off this list, and you will be having fun in no time! I’ve used most of the ideas off this list multiple times, and I’m sure some of you have too. Also, another thing I’d like to add is that most of these don’t require some fancy $80 set from AG. Most of them are perfectly free! Anyway, let’s get started.

Doll Pets

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on

Pets definitely make our lives more interesting. Why not make your doll’s life interesting too? She can begin by selecting a pet(going to the stuffed animal shelter and picking the perfect pet is an adventure on its own), but then you can come up with more ways to involve pets in her life. Some of my favorite ideas include: Walking dogs, Giving a dog a bath, and taking your dog to the vet. (Dogs can be subsituted for cats, horses, fish, or any pet your doll desires.)

Doll School

Photo by Pixabay on

If you’re anything like me, you don’t associate school with fun. (learning can be fun, but there’s a difference) However, it can be super fun to play school! You can be your doll’s teacher and teach her some subjects that you already know. She can do her homework and projects. And, perhaps my favorite part of doll school is making crafts for her. I’ve made backpacks, pencils, textbooks, stationary, calculators, and even lockers!

Doll Travel

Photo by Pixabay on

This one’s a bit of a two parter.

First, it’s really fun to pretend like your doll is traveling, even if you’re still at home. You can turn her bedroom into a hotel, make sure she has room service, etc. You can pretend like she needs to pack her things, then get on a airplane, boat, train, or car. You can even have her go on tours of different countries and cities. I’ve always enjoyed pretending like my dolls go on exotic vacations.

Also, whenever you’re going on a trip, you can bring your doll along with you! However, there are some things you should consider before you do so, so I’m linking to a travel post I wrote a couple years ago.(I wrote it about stuffed animals, but you can easily subsitute “doll” for “stuffed animal”)


Photo by Pixabay on

Another fun thing to do is to throw a party! Now, you probably won’t be hosting parties in real life very often, but you can totally throw a party for your dolls at any given time. All you really need to do is find a holiday that it works for. Also, just because it’s September, doesn’t mean your doll can’t throw a Valentine’s party! Dolls don’t have a perception of time, so if you want it to be Valentine’s day, it can be Valentine’s day! Doll parties are really fun.

Doll Fashion

Photo by on

Another thing that always used to get me interested in my dolls again was whenever I got a new clothing piece for them. Now, I’m not saying you have to get a new outfit or anything, but making or buying a new outfit can be really fun! You can even have your doll be a model at a fashion show if you want.


Photo by Kenneth Cop on

I don’t actually recall doing this with my dolls, but one of my best childhood memories was one day when I made a “farm.” Basically, I pretended like there were crops to be harvested, animals to be tended to, and houses and sheds to be built. I see absoulutely no reason why your doll can’t do those things too.

Playing Cashier

Photo by on

One of my very favorite toys as a kid was my cash register. I would play with that thing for hours on end. So, make a cash register for your dolls and have her be a cashier for another one of your dolls, or you can be a cashier to her too.

Doctor’s Office

Photo by on

Here’s another fun toy I had growing up, a doctor kit! It came with the essentials(stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, etc.), though I can’t see it being too hard to recreate some of those if you don’t have them. Or, you can just use your imagination. Your doll can either be a doctor or a patient.

Movie Recreations

Photo by Monica Silvestre on

If you get super bored with your dolls, you can always do something sure to renew your interest in dolls – recreate your favorite book, movie, TV Show, or even song! You can even change something about it to see how things would be in an alternate timeline.


Photo by Matt Hardy on

I know I already mentioned traveling, but I feel like this one deserves its own category. Whenever I was younger, I would get all of my stuffed animals and line them up into two rows. I would put a movie on, and designate one stuffed animal to be the flight attendant and bring out snacks. It was really fun, and I think it is a worthy inclusion for this list.

So what did you think? Did you like these ideas? What’s your favorite doll play idea?

Sports Tournament

Hey guys! I know I just posted about Camp, but I do have a real post planned in a few weeks! I promise!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know about a giveaway I’m hosting as a part of camp. It isn’t anything too special, but it’s also really easy to enter. Check it out here!

Also, Camp is almost over! If you want to send in any reader photos to be featured, send them to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

Camp Happy Heart

Camp Happy Heart

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you guys a special project I’ve been working on all summer. It’s on my blog,, and while I focus on stuffed animals, this camp can also be used for American Girl dolls too!

You can read more about Camp here, but if you don’t want to go there, I’ll sum it up for you. Basically, there is a new theme each week that has crafts, photoshoots, photostories, and more! This upcoming week will be called Out of this World, and focus on fantasy/superhero stuff, but there has been a variety of themes so far.


Surf’s Up was a fun week to do! Camp Happy Heart started at the beginning of June, but it isn’t too late to participate.


There have been many themes that you can catch up on, such as Battle of the Bear Bands (Music week). You can also send any pictures of your campers participating to worldofagdollsblog(at)gmail(dot)com, and I will share your photos at the end of camp! However, if you don’t want to read the past weeks, we still have one month left.


Also, for this week, there was an AG themed post! This week was Decades Week (or Blast from the Past) which included a fun challenge. Basically, you guys just have to send me a picture of your camper(preferrably a stuffed animal or doll) along with clothes and other memorabilla from your favorite decade! Hurry! The deadline is on the 1st of August!

Have fun checking out Camp Happy Heart!

Repost: My New Summer Series

Season's Greetings (2)

Hey guys! Megan here. Over on my blog, I’m in the middle of my summer series, ‘Shadows’. I worked really hard on it so I would love it if you guys would check it out. For now I hope you enjoy this repost of the 1st part. 🙂


2019-06-07 05-30-29 - 0001
Carly was getting worried.
2019-06-07 05-31-50 - 0105
Mr. Cabot and the twins were at work and school respectively, but they should’ve been home by now. Carly was able to excuse the lateness for a while, but now that they were 2 hours late.
2019-06-07 05-32-39 - 0012
The tiny kitchen/dining room rang with the sounds of Carly keeping the supper warm.
2019-06-07 05-33-22 - 0112
She could hardly keep from imaging what might have happened. A few times she even contemplated going to look for them, but ruled that out. She was not allowed outside the house.
2019-06-07 05-34-38 - 0120
She was in fact so absorbed in these thoughts, that she jumped at the sound of the door opening. She heard heavy footsteps and knew that, finally Mr. Cabot was home.
2019-06-07 05-35-33 - 0023
She hurried to get supper on the table, saying as she did, “You sure are later coming home today, sir. How was work?”
There was no reply, so Carly looked up.
2019-06-07 05-49-32 - 0126
Mr. Cabot looked broken, dead. His face was white, and the coal dust that usually covered his cheeks was streaked by tears.
2019-06-07 05-49-46 - 0129
“Sir?” Carly gasped. She had never seen him cry, not even when Margret died. “Mr. Cabot, sir, what’s wrong? Where are the twins?”
2019-06-07 05-50-45 - 0132
“Gone.” his voice was flat, “They took them from the school…” he broke off in a sob.
2019-06-07 05-51-28 - 0038
The room went cold. Carly felt like she had been kicked, all her breath was gone.
Mr. Cabot had kept her ever since Margret had died. The reason he kept her? Carly wasn’t sure. But ever since their mother had died, she, had cared for the twins, Kenton and Coleson.
Losing Margret had felt like losing a mother, losing Coleson and Kenton, like losing little brothers.
2019-06-07 05-52-00 - 0038
Mr. Cabot continued to mutter under his breath, “They told me, they promised… but they lied…they were wrong…they can’t protect us…they can’t save anyone…I knew she would be trouble…”
He continued to sound more and more feverish.
2019-06-07 05-52-59 - 0041
Carly could only think of one question. “Why?” She asked, “Why would someone take them?”
2019-06-07 06-14-33 - 0144
The room, which had turned cold a second ago, began to rise in temperature as Mr. Cabot slowly stood up.
“You.” He whispered, “It’s all you.”
2019-06-07 06-15-10 - 0147
What? Me?” Carly asked in horror.
2019-06-07 06-15-49 - 0150
“Yes. You. They told me it was no problem… Why would they target you? I knew something like this would happen… I didn’t want to get close to you…. Why did I say I would take you? What was I thinking promising things like that?!” Mr. Cabot began to sound delirious.
2019-06-07 06-19-05 - 0053
“But… I don’t understand…why? Why would someone try to hurt you, because of me?” Carly asked worriedly. Had she caused this?
2019-06-07 06-20-10 - 0056
Mr. Cabot didn’t seem to hear her. He continued in his feverish conversation, “They warned me…they told me I would regret keeping her…but maybe… maybe they would trade… I could give her to them now…I can save my children… It would be the end of their plan…but… I have to save my boys!”
2019-06-07 06-20-58 - 0059
Carly suddenly didn’t like the direction this was going.
“Mr. Cabot what do you mean, ‘her’? What’s going on?”
2019-06-07 06-24-24 - 0162.JPG
“Your coming with me!” Mr. Cabot whipped around and lunged for Carly. She ducked and ran to the other side of the room knocking over the chair as she went.
2019-06-07 06-27-26 - 0065.JPG
Carly grabbed the chair and held it out in front of herself like a lion tamer.
2019-06-07 06-29-19 - 0072
Mr. Cabot jumped at her again. After a few seconds struggle he wrenched the chair from Carly’s grip, and threw it to the floor. He slowly came towards her, a manic light in his eyes.
In a last desperate attempt Carly shouted, “What about your promise?!”
2019-06-07 06-32-26 - 0088
Mr. Cabot froze. Just like that the blood drained from his face.
“How do you know about that?”
2019-06-07 06-31-21 - 0185
Carly’s fear quickly turned to anger, as the danger seemed to pass. That was it. She wasn’t going to stay in this house for one more second. She ran for the door.
2019-06-07 06-32-57 - 0191
“Wait Carly! You can’t!” Mr. Cabot called, but it was to late. Carly was gone.
2019-06-07 06-33-24 - 0094
“Oh boy. I shouldn’t have done that. I hope they’re ready for her…the plan is in motion now.”
So that’s the first part! I hope you enjoyed, and if you like this part, the next three and the prologue are already up on my blog. 🙂 Thanks for reading guys!
~ Megan

Hair Veil of Liberty – Hair Style


Hello! Happy Independence day friends! Hope you have a fabulous one! Today I have a fun 4th of July hair style to share with you! So hope you enjoy!

You’ll need….


A wig brush

These are amazing, it’s like they were made for hairstyles! XD


5 itty bitty bands.

 3 red, 2 blue, and a random band of any color you’d like.


8″ long ribbon


Spray bottle

This is optional. Some people mist their dolls’ hair, some don’t. So whichever way you’d like to do it 🙂


A Doll

……… You might need this, but I don’t know. Just in case I’ll be keeping Josie with me.


Bobby pins


Hair pick with a stick on one end

Does anyone know what these are even called? Because I have no clue. Anyways, this is optional as well. It’s just helpful for separating the hair in the beginning.


Let’s get started! First things first, lightly mist hair (If you decided not to wet your doll’s hair, you can skip this step), Making sure to cover dolly’s eyes so no water gets in. If you neglect to do so and your doll gets silver eye, then I shall drive to your house and glare at you, and no one wants that.


Brush out your doll’s hair until smooth and knot free.


Alrighty! Now brush the hair in front back over the top of your doll’s head.


TIP: If your doll has super slippery hair like Josefina, then you may need to hold the hair on top. No worries if the front side sections fall, we can grab those in a minute.


Slide stick under hair to create middle section.


Wrap hairband around this section.


Use our sticky friend to pick up hair on side of head,


And wrap another hairband around it.


Repeat on other side of head. You should now have 3 sections.


Take the middle section, and like a super karate ninja, split it in two.


Spilt one of the 2 sections into 3 parts. Then braid 6 times.

NOTE: In this hairstyle, I’m counting each time I pass a section over the middle piece. I.E. Left over middle counts as one, then passing right over middle is two, etc.


Once you’ve finished braiding, slide on bobby pin to hold until you’ve completed the rest of the sections. Repeat braiding and bobby pinning with other half of middle section.


Grab either the left or right section and split it into three. braid 8 times.


Then secure with bobby pin, repeat on other side.


Okie dokie, time to join the braids!


Take the two braids on the left side and hold them together in one hand, pull out the pins.


Take a blue band and wrap braids together.


please do the same on the right 🙂


Braid both of the two sections 6 times.


Now for the hardest part…… Wrap the two braids together with the last band 😉


Doesn’t it look beautiful?


Last thing to do is to tie the bow around the last band and you’re done!


Your doll is now ready for an awesome day!




I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle and that you had a wonderful 4th! Sorry if anything is a little wonky in this post, never used WordPress before XD If you have any questions on this hairstyle, feel free to ask! Have an awesome day friends!

-Katie 🙂


Want more fun? Be sure to check out my blog!

All Doll’d Up!

Daisys Doll Closet Etsy Shop Outfit Review & Giveaway – Giveaway Reblog *Closed*

Daisys Doll Closet Etsy Shop Outfit Review & Giveaway

Hi, everyone!

My name is Kaitlyn, from Kaits AG Crafts and I’m super excited to be part of AG Blogger’s Club!  For my first post, I’m reblogging a giveaway that’s happening on my blog right now!  Daisys Doll Closet, an Etsy shop, sent me an adorable 18″ doll-sized romper and a matching belt!  Here’s the link to the original post, Daisys Doll Closet Etsy Shop Outfit Review & Giveaway! Continue reading “Daisys Doll Closet Etsy Shop Outfit Review & Giveaway – Giveaway Reblog *Closed*”