Doll Play Ideas

Hey AG lovers! Since Camp Happy Heart is all wrapped up, I have a little bit more time to post over here. I think I’ll maybe post, every couple months? I know that doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but I want to be sure that all of the members get a chance to post. Anyway, you probably don’t want to hear a ton about that, so let’s get into today’s post!

Today, I have compiled a list of fun doll play ideas. If you’re bored with your dolls, pick an idea off this list, and you will be having fun in no time! I’ve used most of the ideas off this list multiple times, and I’m sure some of you have too. Also, another thing I’d like to add is that most of these don’t require some fancy $80 set from AG. Most of them are perfectly free! Anyway, let’s get started.

Doll Pets

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Pets definitely make our lives more interesting. Why not make your doll’s life interesting too? She can begin by selecting a pet(going to the stuffed animal shelter and picking the perfect pet is an adventure on its own), but then you can come up with more ways to involve pets in her life. Some of my favorite ideas include: Walking dogs, Giving a dog a bath, and taking your dog to the vet. (Dogs can be subsituted for cats, horses, fish, or any pet your doll desires.)

Doll School

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If you’re anything like me, you don’t associate school with fun. (learning can be fun, but there’s a difference) However, it can be super fun to play school! You can be your doll’s teacher and teach her some subjects that you already know. She can do her homework and projects. And, perhaps my favorite part of doll school is making crafts for her. I’ve made backpacks, pencils, textbooks, stationary, calculators, and even lockers!

Doll Travel

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This one’s a bit of a two parter.

First, it’s really fun to pretend like your doll is traveling, even if you’re still at home. You can turn her bedroom into a hotel, make sure she has room service, etc. You can pretend like she needs to pack her things, then get on a airplane, boat, train, or car. You can even have her go on tours of different countries and cities. I’ve always enjoyed pretending like my dolls go on exotic vacations.

Also, whenever you’re going on a trip, you can bring your doll along with you! However, there are some things you should consider before you do so, so I’m linking to a travel post I wrote a couple years ago.(I wrote it about stuffed animals, but you can easily subsitute “doll” for “stuffed animal”)


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Another fun thing to do is to throw a party! Now, you probably won’t be hosting parties in real life very often, but you can totally throw a party for your dolls at any given time. All you really need to do is find a holiday that it works for. Also, just because it’s September, doesn’t mean your doll can’t throw a Valentine’s party! Dolls don’t have a perception of time, so if you want it to be Valentine’s day, it can be Valentine’s day! Doll parties are really fun.

Doll Fashion

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Another thing that always used to get me interested in my dolls again was whenever I got a new clothing piece for them. Now, I’m not saying you have to get a new outfit or anything, but making or buying a new outfit can be really fun! You can even have your doll be a model at a fashion show if you want.


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I don’t actually recall doing this with my dolls, but one of my best childhood memories was one day when I made a “farm.” Basically, I pretended like there were crops to be harvested, animals to be tended to, and houses and sheds to be built. I see absoulutely no reason why your doll can’t do those things too.

Playing Cashier

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One of my very favorite toys as a kid was my cash register. I would play with that thing for hours on end. So, make a cash register for your dolls and have her be a cashier for another one of your dolls, or you can be a cashier to her too.

Doctor’s Office

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Here’s another fun toy I had growing up, a doctor kit! It came with the essentials(stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, etc.), though I can’t see it being too hard to recreate some of those if you don’t have them. Or, you can just use your imagination. Your doll can either be a doctor or a patient.

Movie Recreations

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If you get super bored with your dolls, you can always do something sure to renew your interest in dolls – recreate your favorite book, movie, TV Show, or even song! You can even change something about it to see how things would be in an alternate timeline.


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I know I already mentioned traveling, but I feel like this one deserves its own category. Whenever I was younger, I would get all of my stuffed animals and line them up into two rows. I would put a movie on, and designate one stuffed animal to be the flight attendant and bring out snacks. It was really fun, and I think it is a worthy inclusion for this list.

So what did you think? Did you like these ideas? What’s your favorite doll play idea?

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